Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I finished reading Plan B by Pete Wilson. This is a must read for everyone. It asks the age old question: Why, God? Guess what? It never answers the question.

I watched Camelot over the week end. Jean was so impressed that I strolled through the house singing along with King Arthur as he wondered how to handle a woman. "Merlin told me once never to be worried when a woman thinks. They dont do it very often. But what do you do while they are doing it?"

After reading Plan B, I have a deeper understanding of the fact that I am not in control. And that there will always be things in our life that make our plans worthless, that a second set of plans, Plan B, sets in. I call it real life. Some of you may call it life sucks.

King Arthur asked Merlin what good comes from sorrow, disappointment, tragedy, hurt? (Okay, I expounded on the line from the movie. It was a movie you know).

Merlins answers was, "We Learn".

What have I learned through all my Plan Bs? Many, or most of my plan Bs have been self started. I have learned.

I have learned I am not in Control. I have learned that my ideas dont always work. I have learned that I can not be the best person I can be on my own. I have learned that if I dont run my plans off the track, someone, something, some experience will. I have learned that God is in control. I have learned that when he is not guiding me, it is I who stopped following. I have learned that, although I will never get the answers to the great questions of why, when, why not, how come, why did they, will it ever, God gives me a plan to respond to what happens and guidance for growth.

I recommend watching Camelot someday. A true Plan B if there ever was one. I also recommend reading Plan B. An answer within the non-answers if there ever was one. I truly recommend you allow God into your life so you can experience that peace that passes all of our human understanding.