Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Almost Perfect Omelet

Something fantastic happened to me this morning. You may understand this because it may have happened to you before. Some of you will not believe this because you know I have trouble making an almost perfect omelet. I have a love-hate relationship with eggs. I try over easy and the yoke breaks. They become scrambled. I try to do an omelet and I put too much stuff in it. It becomes a fritatta. I make scrambled and I burn the eggs. It becomes, well, scrambled eggs with brown bottoms.

But this was great. I decided to follow some advice. I didn't put too much stuff in it. I began with green onions, pepperoni, and tomatoes. I only used two eggs. I kept the heat down so it wouldn't burn or over cook. I wish I could share with you how excited I was when the omelete came out. I wish you feel the same way I do. It is a great thing that happened to me. I added the cheese. Just enough cheese. When I slipped it off the pan, it went right onto the plate and I folded it over. It was the "almost perfect" omelet. I am so jazzed. I wish I could share the experience with you. But understand that it was a great thing for me.

There is one other experience that happened to me that jazzed me more than making the "amost perfect" omelet. Ask me about it some time. It is better and longer lasting than my "almost perfect" omelet.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

So Long, Eli

A friend of mine has moved on today. I only met Eli Stone last year, but I feel as I have known him for a long time. We had a lot in common. He had physical needs. He liked music. He had trouble discerning what God wanted him to do with his life. He had friends and good family members, but didn't always treat them right. He had fun, he had succesess and he had failures and down times. So much like me. As he moves on, his life is still in limbo. He is still trying to figure out the God thing in his life. He is having trouble with free-will and being open to God's will. We still have a lot in common.
Eli Stone was a TV show on ABC. Just a TV show. But the less than two seasons it was on, Jean and I loved watching it. We couldn't wait for the next episode. We laughed, we were surprised, we were amazed and we even shed some tears over the character. It truly was one of the best shows we have ever watched. Well, we can't argue with ABC for the cancellation. They have never called and asked me for my opinion. I think they are afraid I will let them know what I think of the BCS and all. They probably will never call and ask me for my opinion.
But I am sorry my friend Eli Stone and his friends and family have moved on. I wish him well and I do hope he figures out exactly what God has in store for him. We will always have so much in common.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Visit Jeremy's blog.

I guess I could write this same comment each and every time I visit Jeremy Jernigan's blog, http://tomorrowsreflection.com. He continues to enter so many comments and entries that touch my life. I can not recommend to you to add his blog to the ones you visit on a regular basis enough. Now, if I could just read as much as he does. Baby steps, greg, baby steps.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sarah Palin's Higher Calling

I thought Sarah Palin was a refreshing addition to the political season last year. I think if she would have been introduced at the convention to the national audience and given a speech in a lesser role, by the time 2012 rolled around, she would have been ready to take the party by storm. But, too much, too soon and her flame is about to burn out all too soon.
I am really puzzled by her anouncement that she is going to answer to a higher call. Does that mean she will be making hot dogs? Read hebrew national. Or will she forgo her political ambitions and become an inspirational speaker or even an evangelist, the ultimate higher call. Read Joyce Meyer, et al.
Well if she sticks with what she is alluding to as a higher call, national politics, I am sure she will have a very hard time. You need a very thick skin and she does not appear to have one. Come to think of it, those in ministry need a thick skin to take what the evil one throws at them and continue to preach the word. Read Cal and Jeremy or any one who enters full time ministry.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The time is 11 minutes past the hour

I was watching Jack Hayford a few years back and he mentioned something he tried to help him pray for his children. I need all the help I can get to pray more and better. Or Mo better prayer. He said every time he saw the time as :11, he would stop and pray for his children and family. Like you are sitting at work and look at the clock. 11:11. Stop and pray. You are driving along and the clock in your car says 3:11. Say a prayer. You would be surprised how often God prompts you to look at the time and it is 11 minutes after an hour. Depending on what you are doing, it could be a quick, God watch over my family or being able to take the time to mention each one by name in a longer prayer. Try it, you will be amazed.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Never Going to Work Again


Here is my reaction after I open my emails to see if any company has received my resume and wants me to join them.
Actually, it is from Abraham Piper's blog, 22 words. http://twentytwowords.com/
But i do feel like that sometimes after submitting a few resumes

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brad Evans of USA Soccer

Most people in the US do not find soccer, or futbol to the rest of the world, exciting. The fact that the team from the USA finished second in the Federation Cup finals the other day was overlooked by minute to minute coverage of Michael jackson's death. I think once a person is dead, people should let them be gone and move on. unless the person made an impact like Tim Russert of something like that. Back to soccer. I dont know Brad Evans. He is the nephew of a friend at ASU of my wife and he plays soccer for the Seatle team in the MLS. The big news is that was included on the USA roster for the CONCACAF Cup tournament this month. Don't worry if you dont know what concacaf stands for. or what soccer is all about. it is just a good thing for me to have an indentification with a player on the team, even if it is a nephew of a friend. It will give me one more reason to root for the team as it represents its country on the Pitch.

Prayer Warriors

At Central Christian Church, there are two people on staff who lead up the prayer ministry. Paul and Cathy are loving, outgoing people and their commitment to prayer shows in everything they say and do. Always there to greet you with a smile. I even call Paul pastor handshake because he walks around the worship center before each service and greets as many people as he can before the service with a genuine greeting and welcome. It is good to have people like that along with Steve and Edyi, who put such a high premium on prayer.
I have never been much of a pray-er. I mean, I pray, but I have not been able to have that passion to be a prayer warrior. That is interesting because God has blessed me with a prayer warrior in my own home. Jean is such a good pray-er. Even when she prays in a public setting, such as small group, you can tell her sincerity. When God answers those prayers, it is a good thing to watch as Jean shows she is truly thankful to Him for His work in her life and the lives of her loved ones. Just this morning, she took the time to call me when she found out her sister did not have cancer. I could tell her joy through the phone line. I am glad to know she prays for me, especially now during my recouping from surgery and my job concerns. And i know our children are covered by her prayers even when I don't take the time to pray as much as she does for all of them.