Thursday, January 29, 2009

Remember Raymer, Less is More

Wow, I have visited many blogs since I entered blogsville and some just hit me like, oh my gosh, how did they know I needed to read that. There are some points that were added recently and some I read from posts long ago. Like two months or so. One really caught me off guard yesterday. I visited a blog called 22 words. As in making a point in 22 words or less. Like I have mentioned before, sometimes I dont even know what my point is after the first 22 words. But there was an article by Marty Nemko that asked the question, "Do you talk too much?" Wow, what is God trying to get me to address in this? Like, who should I give this article to because they really need to read it.
Anyway, Chris Brogan, another blog I visited, said he tries to put his yearly goals in three or four words. As opposed to saying one needs to lose weight, try putting the word fitness. A few of his were ASK, DO, SHARE and SEEK, FRAME, BUILD, BRIDGE.
Well I think I have figured out what I need to work on this year.
LISTEN....much more than I talk much as I can this year as many areas as I can
I would love to hear some other three word goals people may come up with. My brother Brad added these three......DON'T READ BLOGS, but I dont think that is what Mr. Brogan had in mind

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where Have You Been?

I ran across this question in one of the many blogs I have visited recently. Do we judge people by the direction they are going or where they are now? And, do we also judge them by where they have come from?
I know, I know, judging is wrong. We shouldn't do that. But, you know, I mean WHEN we judge others, what criteria do we use?
One area I have for ever been dealing with is my eating habits and weight control. I have lost weight many times. Only to gain it back when my discipline goes out the window, usuallly as I pull into the buffet parking lot. Did I mention any restaurant that has buffet in its name is my favorite?
The progress I make in weight control can be seen as either not very successful because I am not where I want to be, or where someone else wants me to be, or better than where I was before, even though that place was not very good or, exactly where I am.
I think God takes us as we are and where we are at right now. As we make progress in the direction we know He wants us going, I hope He accepts it and we feel good in our walk. As God does, I hope you take me, AS IS.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Two Fingers Typing

Okay, I never said I was a good typer. But it has been brought to my attention, by my wife of course, that I need to watch what I type. My mind works so much quicker than the two fingers I use to type. Plus, I need to proof read what I do type to see if I typed the words correctly. I am space bar challenged and the letters dont always appear or they find themselves in different words. Okay, the only way that makes sense is if you have read something I have typed before. So, I promise to try to type better from now on.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Grammy and Popi and the Pup

Thats my wife, Jean in the second picture. We are with our grand baby, Dylan, on the light rail going to watch is daddy finish the rock and roll marathon last Sunday. He looks safe hanging onto Popi. I did so much walking trying to find Steve, who was so fast, he finished before we got there. I probably walked close to two whole miles that afternoon. I was almost going to complain. Then I realized... Steve had just finished running 26.2 miles.. i perspective-challenged at times. It was a fun day and we are very proud of our Steve for completing his first marathon.

Entering at my own risk

It is fun to look at the many blogs that are out there. I visit certain ones regularily. Some lead me to other blogs. I look at one and say, oh this is one I need to visit more often. Then, I forget how to get to it. I tried to open my own blog and forgot how to get to it. So, here I am, starting anew. I am entering the blog world because from where I was sitting, it looked cool. Now, I find, unlike all the bloggers I have visited, I have nothing to say.
Except what is on my mind, at this time. So, I hope I can somehow add a little something to someones' day sometimes. And other times, oh it is just the ramblings of an old man with limited direction.
If you are reading this, thanks for visiting and hope you return and I hope we both can remember how to get back to this site.