Friday, June 26, 2009


I am not much of a reader. I have conniption fits if the paper is not on the driveway each morning. But if an article runs to the next page, I lose interest. Something about my attention span. But since I am not working these days, I have been trying to read a little more. I actually read The Shack. And Cal and Jeremy used some quotes from Story by Steven James. So I have been reading that one. I am almost finished with that. Yeah, that's really the cover. I remember the dewey decimal system.
Jeremy suggested using a technique for basic Bible reading a few days ago. It is a technique developed by a professor at Master's College. It is all about reading one chapter from ten different sections of the Bible. I will let Jeremy explain it better. Check out his blog for a great explanation and his thoughts on it. I have enjoyed doing it so far. A little confusing going back and forth, but what a great way to discover new (and old) things in a very n

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meet Sheldon

Well, the knees are still sore from the surgery and rehab. I am still looking for work. I am home during the day trying to search web sites of peple who might be hiring. Our future is not set and we know God has a plan fo rus. We are always enjoying our time together. So, to help with the stress, we went out and adopted a dog. Meet Sheldon. We named him that because he reminds us of the character on the Big Bang Theory. Skinny, nervous, nerdy looking. So far, he is being a puppy. I forgot how much dogs go.......where ever they might be at the time. living room, hallway, bedroom, etc. So we have a new member of the household. Jean has named him Sheldon Gregory Memberto. How nice.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Finally, No More Kobe, for awhile

That's my old friend, Steve. Well, not old, since I am older. But my ole Friend, Steve. I acknowledge him because, until Kobe Bryant is gone from the Lakers, Steve is the closest thing to the Lakers I can like. Steve works for the Lakers. Years ago, that would impress me greatly. Oh, what am i saying, it still impresses me. But the Lakers used to be my team. When it was a Team. Now, it is Kobe and his posse. Congrats to them, they won. Now, I can rest a little bit and not have to hear about Kobe, and those other guys, whoever they may be. From the sounds of it, my friend Steve could have started at center and...... well you know. I grew up an LA fan. But with Manny, Kobe and whoever is on the Kings any more, it is very easy to turn my allegiences to the Phoenix teams. I am glad old friends, even the ones we dont see all the time, can last longer than team loyalty. I thank God for my friend Steve. hey, Steve, can I try the ring on?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This past week end was one of those times we went to both services. Regular and 3F. We went Saturday evening with Sandi and Steven. We all had that feeling of if we went Saturday night, we can "take Sunday off". Well, after listening to Jeremy talk on Unity that evening, I felt I needed to also listen to how Cal approached it. You know how you sit there listening to the sermon and either thinking, "oh I hope Jean is listening to this" or "Oh I wish so-and-so could hear this, it really pertains to them". Of course, that is the opening to the next thought. Shut up and listen yourself, this is about you.
By the way, the "OTHER" refers to a short list of traits we all have that stand in the way of progress for a church. Gossip, Slander, Judging, Self-centeredness, Short-sightedness. Nope, that's not me.. Oh yeah. I am guilty of something OTHER than what was listed. The OTHERS always get me.
The Church, not the organization we belong to at the time, but the real Church was made by Jesus. He left the church to do His work. If I am the one who is standing in the way of God's work, then it isn't fighting the elders of Central, but I am trying to prevent God from doing the good He has promised.
I need to be more open to what God has in store for me and my family and the church I attend and not so closed to God's leading.
Thanks again, Jeremy and Cal, for words I needed to hear, Twice.