Friday, March 9, 2012

A FREE TICKET: How Will You Receive It?

Some people I know from work received a free ticket to an upcoming baseball game. They were chosen to receive the ticket and they really did not have to do anything special for the ticket.

They did not need to accept the ticket. They could accept the ticket and not use it. They could accept the ticket, go to part of the game and leave early. They can receive the ticket and go to the game and stay for the entire game and get the whole flavor of a spring training baseball game. They can watch the players, they can enjoy being with other individuals from the same work place, they could appreciate the free gift they were given. They could then go to their homes and tell their family what a wonderful afternoon they had and, perhaps, make plans to take the family to a future baseball game. They, then, could let the people who gave them the free baseball ticket how much they enjoyed the time.

It got me to thinking that this is how we respond to God's Gift of Faith and worship and enjoying Him.

Some how, many, but not all, are chosen to receive the free gift. Some do not even accept the gift. Some take it because it is free and do not do anything with it. Some may receive the gift and even attend a church or do some nice things for others and not fully appreciate the gift they were given. Then, when it gets old or hot or uncomfortable or something else interests them, they move on.

But some take in the entire package. Receiving the free gift, responding with gratitude, enjoying the process and being there at the end to have been able to show appreciatation to the One who has, by preordained knowledge, given them the gift.

As Joh Piper has said, it should truly be that Man's chief end is to glorify God BY enjoying Him forever.

Life in Jesus is not a chore.