Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Girl, You are Out of Your Mind

There is an episode in Acts 12 when Peter gets arrested and his friends pray that he will be released. He was released supernaturally. It must have been a coincidence. When he went to the house where his friends were praying that they would see him safe, the girl at the door, first, did not let him in she was so surprised. Then she ran and told the others that Peter was at the door. They told her she was out of her mind seeing such a thing.

Boy do I know how they feel. What happens when something you pray a long time to happen actually happens? What happens when God actually gives you what you have been bargaining with Him for?

When I was praying to God for Him to give me something, I made some deals. I made some promises. I vowed some different things would happen. Guess what? God gave me what I was asking for. Now What?

Now, it happens. I need to come through with some things. I need to make good on some promises. Only time, my heart and God's knowledge will tell if there was a differnce. You usually dont share the deep issues you barter with God for with others.

Sometimes it seems that getting the answer you really wanted is tougher to deal with than when He has other answers for you.

Now, the real work begins.

Friday, October 15, 2010

FACEBOOK: What I learned during my time in Facebook

Questions answered
Serves a purpose
Stay in touch with friends and family
Find old friends
A way to spend time during the day
Joining in fun games
Information gatherer
Social media is good
Fun to share thoughts and stories and work together

Questions those answers presented
What purpose
If they wanted to stay in touch, wouldnt they call or stop by?
They tried to run away in the first place
What other ways can we wasteour time?
The games appeared to be scam generated
How much is really useful?
How many billions is that guy worth?
Building that tower in babel was fun too, until someone got hurt

I have a telephone. I have email. If they want to, they will call.

Monday, October 4, 2010

LETTERS TO AND FROM VIETNAM: Reflections of Rick Still Happen

It started to happen last week when Arkansas almost beat Alabama in college football. It got a little stronger as the 49ers continued to lose each week in pro football. It hit its peak yesterday when the Giants won the National League pennant. It doesn't take much, but, yes, many things still make me think of my friend Rick.

It may be little things like when I was over near ASU last week and I saw a Fed Ex truck drive by. There were so many Fed Ex employees from different locations at Rick's memorial service. Yes, a few of them raised their hands when it was asked who had their cars worked on by Rick.

Last week, Jean asked me if I would ever go visit the grave. Even though carrying the casket to the site was one of the toughest things I ever have done and we have both feel burial is not the way we want to go, I had to tell her that, yes, I have thought about visiting the site.

One of the biggest things that make me reflect on Rick is when it comes to sports. Rick and I had a life long habit of rooting for different teams. We loved to hate the teams the other liked. He didn't even like ice hockey, but he would root for the teams he knew I didn't like just to bug me. That rivalry was passed on to the next generation. When our children went to different high schools, I am sure he had Sam go to Mountain View because he knew it would bring disappointment to the Memberto household.

One year, while Sam still played for the Toros, Mesa beat them in the annual rivalry game. Melissa and I got the key to the high school room at church and decorated it in Jackrabbit colors and the group, in which Rick was one of the leaders, walked in and sat in the midst of Purple and Gold for the entire class.

One of the things that I looked forward to during the year I was in Vietnam were the letters I got each week from Rick. During the baseball season, I got weekly reports about how the Giants were so good and how much he hated the Dodgers. The best, however, were the letters I got during the football season. The 49ers, his beloved 49ers and the LA Rams, yes kids, they used to be in Los Angeles, were having up and down seasons. They fought it out to the end against each other. The weeks the 49ers were on top, I received such fine letters of encouragement. Rick telling me how good life was and how he loved that his team was on top. The weeks, however, when the Rams were doing well, the letters turned to ungodly(yes they included even cuss words)venom about how terrible, evil forces were in the world.

The love that he showed me, even while I was away, helped me get through some tough times. He was always around when I was away. I always knew how to find him for an encoraging word, a loving diatribe about our teams, something to share about his family, his church or our friendship.

Yes, even now, reflections still come to mind about my friend Rick. The pain won't go away soon. But the memories sure will continue to make the reflections fun and loving.