Friday, May 22, 2009

One Last Thought On Wayman Tisdale

I hope that this will not be my last thought on the life, inspiration and death of Wayman Tisdale. The inspiration he had on so many people will live on for a long time. The cartoon pretty well speaks to me deeply. To have that kind of effect on others you come in contact with is something I hope I can improve on for as long as God allows me on this earth.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wayman Tisdale

I was going to add some thoughts about Wayman Tisdale in the previous blog. However, I wanted this to be seperate. We read in the paper and see on TV stories about people dying all the time. Famous people, popular people, people who are close to us and people we have never met. Wayman Tisdale was all these things to me. He was famous, a famous athlete. He as popular, a popular bass guitar player. I met him twice face to face and saw him countless other times and I felt a closeness beyond other people I have known for years. And although we did meet and I had a chance to share some brief moments with him, I was just part of the crowd, the many people who had their lives changed when he walked into a room or on stage.
Wayman Tisdale died last week. It was the day before the Newport Beach Jazz Festival. So ironic because when he first found he had cancer, he had to cancel a performance at that very festival two years ago. Oh, he closed the festival last year, in fine Wayman fashion. Every one who played this week end had something warm to say about him.
One of the best things I heard about the man was from Tim Bowman. He said if you ever met Wayman Tisdale and you had a problem with him it was all on you. I only wish I could have had that impression on people and I, because of his example, I will try to be more like that from now on.
Wayman was a believer and he is in Heaven today probably trying to teach Peter, James and John how he is able to get such a great wound out of that big bass guitar of his.
God Blessed Wayman Tisdale and all of us who met him along the way.

I Had Such High Expectations

Wow, looking at the blog, I see I have not posted anything since before I went in for knee surgery. Almost two months ago. Let's see, I had knee surgery, I have almost completed directed physical therapy, been in contact with people from ASU about finding a position, gained weight, even went on a romantic road trip with Jean to So Cal and had a blast. We do travel well together.
Then, after a month of sitting around keeping my knee iced, I was reading a post in Jeff Gibson's blog, about what he would do if he ever got laid off or had lots of time. Some of his ideas were thoughts I had, such as write my book, yes, I do have some ideas. Fact and Fiction (rolled into one), sky dive, Not bloody likely mate. But you get the idea.
Now, here I am, still sitting and waiting. Still working on strengthining the legs, still waiting for a call from ASU, still formulating my book in my head, still being with the most understanding and loving woman in the world.
So, I have made a decision that I absolutely need to step it up. Look into more possibilities, both at ASU and otherwise, call the church and see if they need an envelope stuffer and get back into real life.
Now, about that book idea...........