Thursday, February 19, 2009

Presidential Suite

I have an idea for the next time our president visits our great state. This will save the American tax payer alot of money too. Instead of paying $4000.00 for the night in the Presidential Suite, he can stay in my extra bedroom for much less in Mesa.
He could have had the run of the place that evening before his Mesa speech because we were at a Small Group Bible Study talking about prayer and the evil influences on our American and Christian ideals. We wouldn't have bothered him when we got home and he would have had a very peaceful and safe(after all, the Mesa police helicopter is usually flying overhead for something)time to himself and his most loyal secret service personnel. Our wine list would not have been as extensive as the hotel's(you know, the bankrupt one), as we only buy the Walmart and Trader Joes brands.
But he would have enjoyed his stay none-the-less and the next morning I could have used my "furlough hour" from ASU to make him breakfast before his SHORT trip to Dobson High School.
Shouldn't we all be doing our part for the US of A? By the way, the prayer time was very good and uplifting.

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