Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Had Such High Expectations

Wow, looking at the blog, I see I have not posted anything since before I went in for knee surgery. Almost two months ago. Let's see, I had knee surgery, I have almost completed directed physical therapy, been in contact with people from ASU about finding a position, gained weight, even went on a romantic road trip with Jean to So Cal and had a blast. We do travel well together.
Then, after a month of sitting around keeping my knee iced, I was reading a post in Jeff Gibson's blog, about what he would do if he ever got laid off or had lots of time. Some of his ideas were thoughts I had, such as write my book, yes, I do have some ideas. Fact and Fiction (rolled into one), sky dive, Not bloody likely mate. But you get the idea.
Now, here I am, still sitting and waiting. Still working on strengthining the legs, still waiting for a call from ASU, still formulating my book in my head, still being with the most understanding and loving woman in the world.
So, I have made a decision that I absolutely need to step it up. Look into more possibilities, both at ASU and otherwise, call the church and see if they need an envelope stuffer and get back into real life.
Now, about that book idea...........

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