Thursday, October 28, 2010

Little Girl, You are Out of Your Mind

There is an episode in Acts 12 when Peter gets arrested and his friends pray that he will be released. He was released supernaturally. It must have been a coincidence. When he went to the house where his friends were praying that they would see him safe, the girl at the door, first, did not let him in she was so surprised. Then she ran and told the others that Peter was at the door. They told her she was out of her mind seeing such a thing.

Boy do I know how they feel. What happens when something you pray a long time to happen actually happens? What happens when God actually gives you what you have been bargaining with Him for?

When I was praying to God for Him to give me something, I made some deals. I made some promises. I vowed some different things would happen. Guess what? God gave me what I was asking for. Now What?

Now, it happens. I need to come through with some things. I need to make good on some promises. Only time, my heart and God's knowledge will tell if there was a differnce. You usually dont share the deep issues you barter with God for with others.

Sometimes it seems that getting the answer you really wanted is tougher to deal with than when He has other answers for you.

Now, the real work begins.

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