Monday, June 15, 2009

Finally, No More Kobe, for awhile

That's my old friend, Steve. Well, not old, since I am older. But my ole Friend, Steve. I acknowledge him because, until Kobe Bryant is gone from the Lakers, Steve is the closest thing to the Lakers I can like. Steve works for the Lakers. Years ago, that would impress me greatly. Oh, what am i saying, it still impresses me. But the Lakers used to be my team. When it was a Team. Now, it is Kobe and his posse. Congrats to them, they won. Now, I can rest a little bit and not have to hear about Kobe, and those other guys, whoever they may be. From the sounds of it, my friend Steve could have started at center and...... well you know. I grew up an LA fan. But with Manny, Kobe and whoever is on the Kings any more, it is very easy to turn my allegiences to the Phoenix teams. I am glad old friends, even the ones we dont see all the time, can last longer than team loyalty. I thank God for my friend Steve. hey, Steve, can I try the ring on?

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