Friday, June 26, 2009


I am not much of a reader. I have conniption fits if the paper is not on the driveway each morning. But if an article runs to the next page, I lose interest. Something about my attention span. But since I am not working these days, I have been trying to read a little more. I actually read The Shack. And Cal and Jeremy used some quotes from Story by Steven James. So I have been reading that one. I am almost finished with that. Yeah, that's really the cover. I remember the dewey decimal system.
Jeremy suggested using a technique for basic Bible reading a few days ago. It is a technique developed by a professor at Master's College. It is all about reading one chapter from ten different sections of the Bible. I will let Jeremy explain it better. Check out his blog for a great explanation and his thoughts on it. I have enjoyed doing it so far. A little confusing going back and forth, but what a great way to discover new (and old) things in a very n

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