Friday, November 20, 2009


There was a question I saw the other day. Is there too much emphasis on God when it comes to Thanksgiving? Afterall, isn't Thanksgiving all about Family, Food and Football? People ask why so many people have to make it a holiday that God comes into the picture.

It is true, we tend to get together with more family members on that day. It is true we tend to make a rather large meal to have for the family. It is true we tend to watch, at least, a little more football on that day. Thanksgiving is always reserved to watch the ultimate turkey, the Detroit Lions, play football.

I am sure the pilgrims did not say about that the first meal of thanks, "Hey lets have the first annual festive dinner and we can call it Thanksgiving". They actually were thankful that they lived through the trip across the Atlantic, they got through a harsh winter and could begin a new life in a new land. They left their homes to worship God. they left a land they could not openly worship God. They actually were thankful, uh,er to God.

I am glad we have Thanksgiving. I am glad we take extra care to thank God for the blessings He gives us. I am glad those Christians put too much emphasis on God during this time of year.

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