Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I can not go through a day without having so many questions to be answered. Well, such as:
1. If they were invited to the White House dinner, did they ever find their table? Wouldn't there had been a place setting with their names on it?
2. If your wife heard a crash out in the front yard, would she grab your golf club and see if she could help you? Or would she run outside and see that it was you and run, empty handed, towards you to see if she could help? The only way she would have a golf club in her hand is if she were already chasing you with it.
3. How is that Notre Dame contract working out for NBC?
4. I wonder if someone could explain to me how 15% interest is so much better than 17.5%.
5. Can Mark Grace see how much better he is away from Darrin Sutton? And how much more he could accomplish if he were down on the field with Matt Williams next year? Or anywhere other than with Sutton?

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