Wednesday, January 27, 2010


In the Bible Study we attend on Tuesday evenings, we came to the passage in Ephesians that tells us that we were chosen by God to be holy and blameless and adopted by Him before the creation of the world. And besides that, for His pleasure and His glory. And it is so human to think we had something to do with that choosing. But, joyfully, it was God the Father who drew me to His Son, Jesus. Takes away a lot of the pressure to do it all on my power. That is cool.

It did get me to thinking how the conversation went when God preordained me to be His own. In light of all the politics that decides so much of our lives on earth now, I worry that the creation was delayed because of the debate in Heaven. I mean here is God, ready to create the world and before that creation He chose me to be in His family. I wonder if the vote was a split decision, like two to one or something like that. Makes me think my response to what He did for me should be more of appreciation and obedience rather than questioning everything I dont understand.

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