Friday, January 1, 2010


First off, I didn't know a gala mean't suits or tuxes. I was not the only one who was not "dressed up". I didn't stand out but there were few enough of us that we were noticed. Jean bought a new top and I had on a new shirt. But I haven't seen that many ties in a long time.

Second, after a very "dry" year of not much Smooth, I have to thank Brian Bromberg for inviting some of his friends, and some of our favorite smooth jazz stars, to bring in the new year. Richard Elliot, Rick Braun and David Benoit are three of our favorites. As chance would have it, sitting at our table was the morning voice of the KYOT, Melissa Sharpe and her husband.

And at midnight, I could only reflect on how thankful I am that I am starting another year with Jean.

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