Saturday, December 18, 2010


Looking at this thing, I see I havent made any entries since the end of October. It is not that I did not have anything to say. It is that I have not taken the time to write those thoughts down.
Today I have so many thoughts going through my mind and my heart is crying, again. Today we said good bye to our boy, our doggy, our puppy, our little friend. The guy who stayed with me all the while I waited to find a job. He slept with us every night and was always here when we walked in the door, tail wagging, telling us what he did while we were away.
We got Sheldon from the pound. He had been running through traffic and the police said they had to spray him twice to subdue him enough to get him to the shelter. That is probably one of the reasons he was always a little leary when my male friends from our Bible Study walked in each week.
My brother and a few others have already said God gave me Sheldon to get me through that time I sat at home, waiting, hoping. He kept me out of the deeper depression I would have gone into if we didnt get him.
But Sheldon was a momma's boy. He would snuggle next to Jean on the couch, in bed. He would wait for her outside the bathroom when she was in the shower and if the door was open, he would put his nose around the curtain to see that she was okay.
Sheldon was a prayer warrior. Every week at Bible Study, we would be in discussion and at exactly 8:20, he would begin to, well it wasnt a bark and it wasnt a growl. It was more like him telling us, OK it's prayer time.
The one thing we were so afraid of is when he had the chance, he would out the gate and run through the neighborhood. We knew if he ever got out on Southern, it would be dangerous for him. He loved to run. He would do laps in our back yard. He was taken off the streets running. He would had run to his death if we didnt have him this very short time. Last night he ran. It was dark and he got disoriened. He ran out on Southern and was hit by two cars. Jean and I both saw him get hit. Nothing we could do. He left us running, something he loved to do.
God allowed us to save him from the streets and from the pound. And while he was with us, we believe our boy saved me from a deep depression.
This was our house, Jean and mine, before Sheldon got here. Now that he is gone, it is still our house. While he was here, this was his house and we just got to stay here. He gave us back our house and after the tears are dried, he has left two people very much in love with each other, and with him, with many happy, happy memories.

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