Thursday, June 23, 2011


Looking back at the areas I felt I needed to work on this year, I see I am not there. But lets see how it is going....

1. I SAID: Address the health situation. I should not just sit there and watch the Biggest Loser each week, feel sad for the eliminated contestant and be inspired by every one's story. I have to make some changes in my health situation. These are more than aches and pains any more. They are life affecting symptoms. I need to do the Big Two when it comes to healthy eating. I HAVE to EAT LESS and MOVE MORE. What a concept.
SO FAR... I have started and restarted a few times this year. I am on a Start mode recently. The 8-10 pounds I lose are quickly found the next week. Not a success so far.

2. I SAID: I love the books of Michael Connolly, James Patterson and Robert Crais. But in order for me to grow as a person, I HAVE to read more meaningful books this year. I have a short list of books I need to tackle this year that includes Mike Batterson, Francis Chan, Andy Stanley, Chuch Swindoll, John Macarthur, Ben Arment and John Burke. I pray I am not just dropping names but I truly seek out what they have to say.
SO FAR: I still like Connolly and Crais. But I have read more books by Christian authors this year. I will continue to do this. This one I grade a little higher.

3. I SAID: I like to pray. I like to let God know how He is doing. I like to let Him know what I need and expect from Him. I HAVE to learn how to be a better listener. God is telling me stuff every day. My hope is that I learn to listen.
SO FAR: Prayer life is improving. It seems like sometimes I am just not ready to hear what God has to say. I will keep moving forwrd on this. The grade would be a resounding, keep going.

4. I SAID: God has put Jean and me in a church that feeds us very well and allows us the opportunity to serve in many areas. We are blessed in what we do. We drive onto the campus and feel a sense of protection. God is letting us know that every thing is okay and He is control. I HAVE to make myself more available.
SO FAR: I have enjoyed doing what we have been doing in the way of service. Learning to use more of my gifts and not someone elses is important. Score is above average there.

5. I SAID: I HAVE to become more of a Second Chance person.
SO FAR: Right on

6. I SAID: I HAVE to find myself a mentor. Every one needs an idol, a mentor, a friend, a partner and a pupil. I HAVE to be open to finding that mentor.
SO FAR: Oh who can control the wild horse Tonka? I have found myself paying more attention to those who would mentor me. It is not always face to face, but possible in a few blogs I read or sermons I hear on line. I would still like to hook up with someone and maybe partner a growth spurt.

SO FAR: I love my life and how it has gone the first half of 2011. I look forward to what else will transpire.

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