Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We had a great week end. For a couple who never does anything, we are always busy. We love o ur life together.

Friday after work, we went to Best Buy so I could spend some of my birthday money. I got a gift card for my birthday and I had already visited Best Buy to buy a CD. I went up to oneof the employees and asked where the CDs were. He asked me, "What is CD?" Well, it wasnt that bad, but they really dont sell CDs anymore. My choices were down to the ultimate Earth, Wind and Fire and Jimmy Eat World. I decided to wait to use my gift card. We ended up buying a disk scan for my Kodak camera. The camera my son-in-law laughs at everytime I show it to him.

Saturday we played Papa and Grammie to two of our grand boys. Dylan and Nathan spent some time with me and Jean. We took them to Home Depot and then we stopped by Frys. I didnt know until Dylan took me there that Frys had a large selection of Thomas toys. After purchashing a Thomas toy, the boys played in our new pool. Yes, they both fit in at the same time. Then, they started to get tired, so we took them home.

Saturday evening, we went to church and Perry spoke on being a people church, caring for others. It was a very good message. Then, we decided to go to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant. A good meal and always good company with Jean.

Sunday, we took our time getting up, meaning we we up, read the paper, had breakfast and worked on the yard by 830. We spent some time with Nathan, Ariel, and Ozzie, well thats what I call them while Mommy and Daddy went to church. They all love their Grammie and Papa.

Yesterday, we had Dylan and Abigal over with their parents. I watched an old war movie, Hell to Eternity, and had a good dinner.

Holidays whould be about family. But I wish we took a little more time to reflect on the reasons that make it a holiday. As I get older, I am ever so mindful of the sacrafices that others made so the rest of us can be free to spend time with family, take a day off from work and wake up every day to my wife.

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