Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I got a call this morning from my friend, Pastor Fred Snider. I saw that it was him on the caller ID. He didnt know it was me at first because he thought he had called a man in his church. Fred was helping the man find a job. A good pastor ministers all week.

Before he went too far into the job opportunity(it was in Huntington Beach and it did get me thinking) I told him he had called me by mistake. He told me that there are no mistakes and we spent some time catching up. Last year we took some time with our friends Marcel and Floren catching up as we met up for Rick's memorial service.

I was wondering how I was going to commemorate the day one year ago today that Rick went to be with his Lord in Heaven. It was a post by my friend Charlene in facebook and a phone call from Fred. Charlene said what a great outing she had yesterday and my dear friend Fred calls, albiet in error, to remind me that friends are forever.

On a day that I could hang out and be sad, I can only marvel at how God has blessed me with friends for life.

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