Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An evening with Elvis Cole and Joe Pike

I spent an evening with a couple of old friends Sunday. We havent touched base for about a year. It is always good to find out what they have been up to.

It seems I had so much catching up to do when we first made contact. Elvis Cole first told me about the Monkey's raincoat and that began a relationship that made me hang on every word he shared about him and his dear friend, Joe Pike. Even when Elvis was recovering from a gun shot wound, Pike set out on his own to help even more people, from avenging the death of a friend to looking out for the safety of someone he did not even know, and never did know much about her.

Yes, they are fictional characters from the mind and pen of Robert Crais. I found out about the books he wrote just a few years ago while in California caring for my ailing grandmother. I picked up the first book and did not stop reading until I had read the entire series plus the stand alone books he also wrote. I feel like I know the characters, although you can not get me to describe what I think they look like. When they seek out clues to solve the situation, I am right there with them. When they take a few seconds to subdue someone, I am am in awe of each punch or hold or battering. When they have cried, I have cried. I have Mr. Crais to thank for that.

After the last enstallment, I had to wait almost 13 months for the latest book. Finally, last Friday, Taken was released. I went to Costco, picked up a copy and was going to finish a book I was reading before I opened it up. I couldnt wait. I started reading, at my usual slow pace. I read until I went to bed at 9:30, turned off the light and put the book down. At 1:30 AM, I could not sleep. i had to see how the story played out. Finally, at 3:30, I finished the book, speed reading record for me, and put the book down. of course, I was so wound up I couldnt sleep the rest of the night. I have so appreciated the way the two men can show how much they love each other with very little fanfare or demonstrative outpouring of emotions. But it is there. Oh to have a friend like that.

Now, the hard part..... Waiting another 13 months to read about their next adventure.

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  1. Well now, I guess I need to read the books!