Thursday, January 29, 2009

Remember Raymer, Less is More

Wow, I have visited many blogs since I entered blogsville and some just hit me like, oh my gosh, how did they know I needed to read that. There are some points that were added recently and some I read from posts long ago. Like two months or so. One really caught me off guard yesterday. I visited a blog called 22 words. As in making a point in 22 words or less. Like I have mentioned before, sometimes I dont even know what my point is after the first 22 words. But there was an article by Marty Nemko that asked the question, "Do you talk too much?" Wow, what is God trying to get me to address in this? Like, who should I give this article to because they really need to read it.
Anyway, Chris Brogan, another blog I visited, said he tries to put his yearly goals in three or four words. As opposed to saying one needs to lose weight, try putting the word fitness. A few of his were ASK, DO, SHARE and SEEK, FRAME, BUILD, BRIDGE.
Well I think I have figured out what I need to work on this year.
LISTEN....much more than I talk much as I can this year as many areas as I can
I would love to hear some other three word goals people may come up with. My brother Brad added these three......DON'T READ BLOGS, but I dont think that is what Mr. Brogan had in mind

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