Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where Have You Been?

I ran across this question in one of the many blogs I have visited recently. Do we judge people by the direction they are going or where they are now? And, do we also judge them by where they have come from?
I know, I know, judging is wrong. We shouldn't do that. But, you know, I mean WHEN we judge others, what criteria do we use?
One area I have for ever been dealing with is my eating habits and weight control. I have lost weight many times. Only to gain it back when my discipline goes out the window, usuallly as I pull into the buffet parking lot. Did I mention any restaurant that has buffet in its name is my favorite?
The progress I make in weight control can be seen as either not very successful because I am not where I want to be, or where someone else wants me to be, or better than where I was before, even though that place was not very good or, exactly where I am.
I think God takes us as we are and where we are at right now. As we make progress in the direction we know He wants us going, I hope He accepts it and we feel good in our walk. As God does, I hope you take me, AS IS.

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