Thursday, July 2, 2009

Prayer Warriors

At Central Christian Church, there are two people on staff who lead up the prayer ministry. Paul and Cathy are loving, outgoing people and their commitment to prayer shows in everything they say and do. Always there to greet you with a smile. I even call Paul pastor handshake because he walks around the worship center before each service and greets as many people as he can before the service with a genuine greeting and welcome. It is good to have people like that along with Steve and Edyi, who put such a high premium on prayer.
I have never been much of a pray-er. I mean, I pray, but I have not been able to have that passion to be a prayer warrior. That is interesting because God has blessed me with a prayer warrior in my own home. Jean is such a good pray-er. Even when she prays in a public setting, such as small group, you can tell her sincerity. When God answers those prayers, it is a good thing to watch as Jean shows she is truly thankful to Him for His work in her life and the lives of her loved ones. Just this morning, she took the time to call me when she found out her sister did not have cancer. I could tell her joy through the phone line. I am glad to know she prays for me, especially now during my recouping from surgery and my job concerns. And i know our children are covered by her prayers even when I don't take the time to pray as much as she does for all of them.

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