Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am sure I will read some very good posts in the next few days dedicated to reflections, regrets, resolutions, ramblings, resolves for 2009 and 2010. Truly, tis the season for taking down Christmas decorations and car ads and commercials for weight loss programs. For some, New Years resolutions will be made. Some will resolve to lose weight, some will really stick with their read through the Bible plan. Some will look back on a great year and some will think the turning of the calendar will, somehow, change their lot in life.

I can not reflect too much on 2009. Not much happened, actually. Nothing that would change the course of the world.

Oh sure, I lost 40 pounds. I gained 25 back. I had hip pain, so I got a new knee replacement. I have both knees replaced now. Because of that, I can not run to exercise. Like I ever did. Ending the year waiting on a root canal. Blood pressure medicine seems to be stablizing my high blood pressure. The dizziness I was having from the one medicine has gone away. Any dizziness now is because I have not gone to the gym in about two months. See, not much happened health wise

I actually was affected by the politics of this country. The drive to pay for more educated, properous, motivated workers allowed my employer to reduce the size of the worker-ant force and I lost my position four years away from retirement. Unemployment insurance suddenly became IN and I receive a payment each week as I continue to look for the elusive job, both at my former employer and outside the ivy walls of the institution. See, not much happened job wise.

We got older this year. With it, we saw death get a little closer than year's past and we anticipate it will continue to be a part of our lives in the future. My step dad died. My best memory of him was how much he loved my mom. When we surprised her on her birthday, he sat and cried because someone had done something loving for her. Jean's mom also died. I never met her but I know her from how much Jean loved her. There will be more, I know that. See, nothing happened death wise.

My reflection of 2009? No matter what, I can not believe how much my wife loves me. And no matter what, I can not believe that I wake up more in love with her each day. I have enjoyed so much watching her love for God grow and how lovingly she serves Him and His children. See, that is what happened this year.

New years day is in three days and in a week it will be three days past. It is just a day. Another day that will be affected by Real Life and Real Love.

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