Monday, July 12, 2010


Now, my fear of and lack of skill with PDAs is legendary. My aversion to them is well known and my previous post bore that out when I had a touch pad device for all of 40 minutes. Therefore, what I have to say can be interpreted as jealousy or sour grapes. But, here it goes.

Did you read Mitch Albom's article in the Sunday paper? The one about how parents encourage their kids to bring their cell phones to summer camp? So they can stay in touch? While the kid is away at camp? The kid is at camp. Away from you mom. That is one reason to go to camp. Now, we know being away from your facebook or myspace page for a week, or not being able to tweet for allthat time could make you unknown by the time you get home. But, come on. Leave the device at home. The camp staff will let you know if there is an emergency. If you do not trust the staff, find another camp. Like thousand pines baptist camp. Oh, I loved that place. We went there when we still hand wrote letters and we had to wait days to get an answer.

The other evening, we went to dinner with some of our children.let me say this, we went to dinner and some of our children were in the same restaurant. Five out of six of them spent the entire time texting someone not present. Well, I guess I had nothing to say, but we will never know.

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