Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I think it is important to check out blogs by people from different walks and viewpoints. One Blog I try to follow on a regular basis is from Jeremy Jernigan, a teaching pastor at Central. His views on scripture are right on, he has interesting friends, he enjoys sharing from his vantage point on being a young father (wait for the teen years my young friend), and although his alligences to the Yankees and Buffalo Bills are tough to comprehend, at least his passion for both teams is commendable.

One ingredient to his blog is OTR, his series of interviews with people you and I may never meet. A recent installment was with Brett McCracken, who is a writer and reviewer. One question Jeremy usually asks is should we use a different word other than Christian. Mr. McCracken gave an answer I really appreciated. Just because a word has baggage, it should not be set aside. Every word has baggage. I might add that every person has baggage too. I think IF SOMEONE DOESNT HAVE ANY BAGGAGE, HE HASN'T BEEN ANYWHERE. I liked the interview as I have enjoyed reading all the previous ones. Keep up the good work Jeremy. I still say you need your own TV show.

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