Sunday, December 26, 2010


I am sitting here, enjoying my apricots and pistachios that Santa has added to my stocking for so many years, reflecting on 2010. One thing I have learned as I have aged is that there is no such thing as New Year's resoltions. Or turning over new leaves or Old Lang Synes. January 3rd is a day in my life just like October 3rd and April 21st. Days that God has given me to do what I can and lament over what I should have.
But we all take time to look back on our year and I am no exception. One thing that stands out this past year is that death visted me more than any other year. Early in the year, my grandmother died at 101. It was not fun watching her die. It was not fun watching my mother watch her die. I realized that as my grandmother got older and more dependent for help, and knowing my mother will need more asistance now, it sure would be nice if we were younger so we had the strength to better help them.
I did not watch my friend Rick die. It was sudden, shocking and, to this day, so dificult to believe. There isnt a day goes by that something does not remind me of our times together and what he meant to me.
Right before Christmas, another kind of friend died. We watched him die. Our dear Sheldon got hit by a car, doing what he loved to do, Run. It has been a tough time for me. God gave me Sheldon to keep me company while I was out of work. It is ironic that God took him away after Sheldon knew I was safely back to work. He was mommas boy and my buddy all rolled into one.
At the end of this year, all of our children still do not get IT. They are all wonderful people and, in their own ways, are very loving. I pray that God will touch their hearts and cause them all to make that leap of faith in 2011. I love them all or I wouldnt pray that.
The biggest disappointment this Christmas season was the Spielberg, Action Figure, Kapowie build up for the Christmas eve services by so many churches that I follow around the country and respect so much. It is, afterall, one of the most important events to celebrate as a Christian. No need for such a build up.
Those are five areas of disppointment and concern from my year. But what a great year it was. I am back to work. Thanks to the prayers of family and friends and hard work of a few friends, I am back at ASU. I am happy for that.
Out of the death of our friend Rick, I was able to reacquaint myself with some very dear friends from the way back machine. For that I am grateful.
In spite of the unnecessary build up, I think the Thanksgiving and Christmas eve services at Central were wonderful. Sometimes, I am glad that they remember that we really need some good time as a family. And, in the eve, eve service a gentle invitation from Jeremy for others on the outside to be able to join the family. And, oh what a family it is.
This was not a perfect year. We are not a perfect couple. We do not have a perfect relationship. But I can not believe that any two people can be more in love with each other as Jean and I are. I cant believe she loves me and I can not believe how I fall in love with her again every morning. Being with her just makes all the negative not so bad and the good times even better.
I look forward to more ups and downs this coming year. But I know God will be there through it all.

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