Thursday, December 30, 2010


Like I have pointed out many times, I made one New Year's Resolution many years ago. It was never to make a new year's resolution. I have done a pretty good job keeping that one safe. One of the reasons I do make them is because I know I will never keep whatever I resolve. If it is enough of an issue in my life that I admit I need to change something, then I should just change it and not put it out there for every one to know it bothers me when I do whatever it is I say I should not be doing.

However, in searching through all of the blogs and websites I come across, I am constantly looking for entires that make me want to respond. One that moved me, JC Wert shared a plan he has for the year 2011. He calls it the Mustard Seed Year.
I can not claim to have that equal committment as he, but he spurred me to seek changes in my life.

So, here are areas I HAVE TO ADDRESS this year. Not to be cool or be like anyone else. But by not addressing these areas, I can do myself tremendous harm, physically and otherwise.

1. Address the health situation. I should not just sit there and watch the Biggest Loser each week, feel sad for the eliminated contestant and be inspired by every one's story. I have to make some changes in my health situation. These are more than aches and pains any more. They are life affecting symptoms. I need to do the Big Two when it comes to healthy eating. I HAVE to EAT LESS and MOVE MORE. What a concept.

2. I love the books of Michael Connolly, James Patterson and Robert Crais. But in order for me to grow as a person, I HAVE to read more meaningful books this year. I have a short list of books I need to tackle this year that includes Mike Batterson, Francis Chan, Andy Stanley, Chuch Swindoll, John Macarthur, Ben Arment and John Burke. I pray I am not just dropping names but I truly seek out what they have to say.

3. I like to pray. I like to let God know how He is doing. I like to let Him know what I need and expect from Him. I HAVE to learn how to be a better listener. God is telling me stuff every day. My hope is that I learn to listen.

4. God has put Jean and me in a church that feeds us very well and allows us the opportunity to serve in many areas. We are blessed in what we do. We drive onto the campus and feel a sense of protection. God is letting us know that every thing is okay and He is control. I HAVE to make myself more available.

5. I HAVE to become more of a Second Chance person.

6. I HAVE to find myself a mentor. Every one needs an idol, a mentor, a friend, a partner and a pupil. I HAVE to be open to finding that mentor.

JC Wert has jumped into his Mustard Seed Year. I hope and pray 2011 is a year of change and growth for every one

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