Friday, January 14, 2011


i do not claim to be a book reviewer. i guess you would need to read more than the Sport's page every day in order to be taken seriously. But here are a couple more thoughts I have after reading Francis Chan's FORGOTTEN GOD....
I need to copy something he wrote. I cant do justice to it. It goes along with the current verse the church i attend uses as a basis for growth.
"Taking up my cross" has become a euphemism for getting through life's typical burdens with semi-good attitude. Yetlife's typical burdens, busy schedules, bills, illness, job loss, hard decisions, losingthe family dog, etc are felt by every one, whether or not they follow the Way or not.

It is actually giving up the life I know as comfortable and totally trust the Holy Spirit to lead me. I so need to givein to that concept.

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