Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Francis Chan's FORGOTTEN GOD

I am a little slow on the uptake when it comes to important books to read. I do not stay up on the "next best" author or what all the cool church leaders are reading today. When a book finds me, I try to pick it up and go through it. I try to take in what God wants me to learn from the book.

I have found that Francis Chan writes in a way that peaks my interest. It is almost as he is writing with a sense of urgency. Like he has found something and really wants to share it with me because he believes it can help me as much as it helped him. He does not so much as writes a "How To" book but this is what God has taught me book.

As I am going through this book, I came across something he asked, "Is your church big or powerful?" Is the Holy Spirit leading this church, or what, who?

Here is something that really hit me. If I have a manifestation of the Holy Spirit to edify the church I am part of, would they miss me, and more importantly that gift if I were to leave? Oh my. I wonder if I am missed at all the churches I have left in my life.

If all the Christians acted exactly as I act, would we be making a difference for Christ?

Read on Greg, there is more for you learn. Thank you, Francis Chan

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