Friday, April 29, 2011


I check in with many Blogs during the week. Some more than others. Some because I agree with what the person says, some because I agree with what the person stands for and some because I like to ask, "What the heck is he thinking?"

I just figure, even though no one checks into this blog, I need to type my mind. So I will try to post more thoughts. They, as always, are my thoughts. Like the Buffett song says, "If I could just get it on paper. Things that have happened today......"

Has any one else wondered why the first Bobblehead give-away for the Diamondbacks this year is a cartoon replica of one of their broadcasters? The broadcaster can not be the most popular person in the organization. Unless it is the Dodgers and Vin Scully is the most popular person inthe organization. And most important.

A month into the season and I am ready to be the first person to sign the Let's get rid of Sutton petition. I am ready every year.

See, this is a good way I can vent and stay harmless.

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