Monday, August 29, 2011


This is the first in a series of thoughts on "What I don't want to see from politicians" during this next year of campaigning.

These thoughts are coming in no particualr order and will probably not be seen or commentedon by any one else. These are my thoughts and sometimes I like to see what I have to say.

With the announcement that Wil Cardon will not be using his own money to help finance his campaign, it made me think of one of my pet peeves about campaigns. This is more about the media, but I am sure candidates love to hear about how much they have raised.

I do want to know how much money a candidate has raised in the shortest amount of time. I know all the candidates have money. Some even want to spend the money on their campaigns. But my idea of a good servant is not how much, as a candidate, that the individual raised. I dont care.

Now if there was a story in the media bout a candidate spending some of their money by donating it to a charity or a church ministry or to help a family get out of debt, then I am all for it.

Raising lots of money to spend on a campaign is not my idea of good leadership. That person has already lost points with me.

By the way, the reason why Mr Cardon decided to back off his pledge to use his money is that he found out he wouldnt get as much money from his followers.

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