Thursday, November 10, 2011


I was going to wait until the end of the year, but I am going to have surgery next week and I will be recovering for a number of weeks. So, I will take a look at how I did this past year in my non-resolutions resolves for 2011.

I SAID: I need to read more meaningful books. I have done a pretty good job on this. I will say that Francis Chen proved to be the most challenging. But a book by Leonard is helping me to look at evangleism as discipleship. It is the little things we do daily that are more effective than one big push or pull.
I have enjoyed reading many different authors this past year. Of course, the new Robert Crais Elvis and Joe novel is coming out and Harry Bosch will be here soon in a new book by Michael Connelly. So I give myself a very good score in this area.

I SAID: I need to pray more. I am still not a prayer warrior. I have tried to grow in that area this year. I am disappointed that I have not gotten better in my prayer life, which is really real life. That is one that will carry over into next year. My score, not too good. C bordering on C-.

I SAID: I wanted to be more of a second chance person. Well, this is a tough fight. I want to work on patience, understanding, tolerance and acceptance. Unfortuantely, these are traits that begin to wane as you get older. So the fight for me has been a rough one. But I feel being a second chance person is winning out over my intolerance. A strong grade there.

I SAID: I was happy we were in the church we were going to and I SAID that I wanted to find a mentor..... Well, it was an interesting summer and fall concerning that. God brought a man and a church into our lives. We have started attending a church other than the one we were going to. The previous church served a purpose in our lives and we will forever be grateful. However, sometimes one just feels God's leading in a very real way. A couple of perfect storms led to our decision and we are very pleased to be involved in a small church as we grow along with this family of believers. It looks like it will be both rewarding and challenging, in a good way, this coming year.

God put the pastor in my life in a unique way and it makes the transition so much easier knowing it has truly been a God thing.

I SAID: I needed to address the health issue. Next week I will have colon surgery. Although they will cut me open and do some work, the surgery is being deemed routine. As I have tried to stay on somewhat of a course concerning my weight, I look forward to using the recovery time to reajust my diet routine. That will be helped by a week of broth and jello. But I will give my grade a Hold until further notice.

ALL IN ALL: I can not see my life without Jean in it. I cannot see OUR life TOGETHER without God guiding her and I. I can not see us being where we are, able to make the decisions we have made in the past year without yielding to God's presence and leading. In that area...... A+.

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