Thursday, September 29, 2011


I fasted on Tuesday. Now before you think I am so super spiritual, I fasted to clean myself out for my ten year colonoscopy. The prepaeration started out by me not eating, all day. Then at 4:00PM, I began drinking two gallons of some sort of prep mix that really did not taste that bad. Butit did not taste good either. I drank two gallons of this prep drink, eight ounces at a time until it was gone. Now unlike a bottle of Maker's Mark that suddenly goes empty without warning, or so I have heard, this two gallon jug stayed half full for what seemed like, well forever. But it was gone by 7:15.

Then the purging. That lasted until right before I went to the endoscopy place. That part was over in a matter of minutes. I was home in less than two hours.

As I was sitting there Tuesday evening, drinking the prep, purging, halucinating about food, I was thinking about those who actually fast for the right reasons. I was so busy thinking about the lousy tasting prep drink and how hungry I was, I did not take time to think about why I was doing all of this. The purpose was to check and see if I was healthy down, well, in there.

Could I fast if I really wanted to? I mean for the right reason? Would I be so worried about when I could eat again or how bad I felt or how long I had to go without food that I would not be taking the time to be really into prayer. I would not be thinking about God. I would not be listening for what He wanted to communicate to me. I would be worried about my comfort.

Do we do things out of duty and not for the right reasons? Are we reading our chapters in the 100-day challenge because it is our duty? Do we attend services because it is the thing to do? Do we serve because we are so good and we feel we are supposed to?

Serving, attending, worshipping, fasting and praying should be done for the right reasons. To honor God. To know His will. To better be His child. I hope when it comes times servin gHim, I am not doing it just because I am supposed to.


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