Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Almost Perfect Omelet

Something fantastic happened to me this morning. You may understand this because it may have happened to you before. Some of you will not believe this because you know I have trouble making an almost perfect omelet. I have a love-hate relationship with eggs. I try over easy and the yoke breaks. They become scrambled. I try to do an omelet and I put too much stuff in it. It becomes a fritatta. I make scrambled and I burn the eggs. It becomes, well, scrambled eggs with brown bottoms.

But this was great. I decided to follow some advice. I didn't put too much stuff in it. I began with green onions, pepperoni, and tomatoes. I only used two eggs. I kept the heat down so it wouldn't burn or over cook. I wish I could share with you how excited I was when the omelete came out. I wish you feel the same way I do. It is a great thing that happened to me. I added the cheese. Just enough cheese. When I slipped it off the pan, it went right onto the plate and I folded it over. It was the "almost perfect" omelet. I am so jazzed. I wish I could share the experience with you. But understand that it was a great thing for me.

There is one other experience that happened to me that jazzed me more than making the "amost perfect" omelet. Ask me about it some time. It is better and longer lasting than my "almost perfect" omelet.

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