Thursday, July 2, 2009

Brad Evans of USA Soccer

Most people in the US do not find soccer, or futbol to the rest of the world, exciting. The fact that the team from the USA finished second in the Federation Cup finals the other day was overlooked by minute to minute coverage of Michael jackson's death. I think once a person is dead, people should let them be gone and move on. unless the person made an impact like Tim Russert of something like that. Back to soccer. I dont know Brad Evans. He is the nephew of a friend at ASU of my wife and he plays soccer for the Seatle team in the MLS. The big news is that was included on the USA roster for the CONCACAF Cup tournament this month. Don't worry if you dont know what concacaf stands for. or what soccer is all about. it is just a good thing for me to have an indentification with a player on the team, even if it is a nephew of a friend. It will give me one more reason to root for the team as it represents its country on the Pitch.

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