Sunday, July 12, 2009

So Long, Eli

A friend of mine has moved on today. I only met Eli Stone last year, but I feel as I have known him for a long time. We had a lot in common. He had physical needs. He liked music. He had trouble discerning what God wanted him to do with his life. He had friends and good family members, but didn't always treat them right. He had fun, he had succesess and he had failures and down times. So much like me. As he moves on, his life is still in limbo. He is still trying to figure out the God thing in his life. He is having trouble with free-will and being open to God's will. We still have a lot in common.
Eli Stone was a TV show on ABC. Just a TV show. But the less than two seasons it was on, Jean and I loved watching it. We couldn't wait for the next episode. We laughed, we were surprised, we were amazed and we even shed some tears over the character. It truly was one of the best shows we have ever watched. Well, we can't argue with ABC for the cancellation. They have never called and asked me for my opinion. I think they are afraid I will let them know what I think of the BCS and all. They probably will never call and ask me for my opinion.
But I am sorry my friend Eli Stone and his friends and family have moved on. I wish him well and I do hope he figures out exactly what God has in store for him. We will always have so much in common.

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