Friday, September 4, 2009


One thing about this social network thing is that it allows you to find old friends. After a special friend from high school saw my last entry, she wrote to give me support and words of hope. Here is some of what she wrote....

It used to be easier for me when my kids were young and I literally had no money. My husband at that time made $4000.00 one year and $4500.00 another and I think $5000.00 another. He got us through at every turn and honestly, we didn’t feel poor because we had all of our needs met and the kids never lacked for anything. Now we are both working and I struggle daily to live within my means to get out from under a tremendous amount of debt. The three principles of God are to tithe, give offerings, and live within your means. He says in Malachi that if we will bring in our tithes and offerings into the house of God he will open a window and pour out a blessing that will overtake us. That is paraphrased of course, but that is the jest of it. Sometimes it is so hard to make that choice, but I am trying. I think that you will see Him move in a mighty way in your circumstances over the next six months and however long it will take because you have no choice but to trust in Him. Aren’t you glad we have someone to trust like that? We don’t have to despair like those that don’t know Christ, even though it is hard for us sometimes to trust, we ultimately know that we are not alone in this. The harder part comes when we are not lacking. Sometimes it is harder to look to heaven.
Anyway just my thoughts on your heartfelt writing. I pray for the best for you Greg, you will always have a special place in my heart.

Thanks to my friend Darla for those words. I wonder how many others are facing, either not enough or, more importantly, too much. Either way, we do need to depend on God.

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