Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There was an old song by Ian Whitcome with a chorus that went something like, Life is cruel, life is hard, Don't cha get crazy, life goes on. Aren't we always reminded of that.

The Facebook page honoring our friend Rick has all but gone silent in these past few weeks. But if you think that is because we have stopped honoring him, or we have forgotten him or the hurt has gone away, think again. Greg Laurie, who's son past away almost two years to the day our friend died still hurts. He asks please do not ask, hey how are you doing? Has the pain gotten any less? No, the pain is still there two years after the death, it is as deep as the day he first heard of it. No, the pain has not gone away. No, we have not forgotten. Yes, we still honor him.

I have picked up one lesson from this time. In my reflections of my friend Rick, I thought of the fact that Rick never told me what to do. He never told me he disapproved of what I did or in the decisions I had made. The closest thing to a commentary on my life I remember him saying was he was glad I was a happy drunk. That was the night we to see Jimmy Buffett together.

No, Rick didnt preach. He had trouble being in front of people giving talks. In fact, he was more famous for falling asleep during talks and sermons. One time he actually fell asleep and started leaning into the speaker as we sat in a circle. Did I ever tell you he made us Laugh all the time? He didnt give sermons. HE LIVED OUT ALL THE SERMONS YOU EVER HEARD. Growth, Grace, Forgiveness, Charity, he lived out every lesson you were taught. Perfect? No. But Godly, yes.

My lesson from these past few weeks, or at least one of them, is that just like he never told you to live like him ( all he showed you is to be yourself just like he was always himself, real), he would not want me to give up just because he isnt here on earth with me anymore. He would want me to live my life being myself, not perfect, but forgiven.

Life canbe crazy, life can be cruel, life can be hard. But lets not get crazy, life does go on. Our lesson should be to pick each other up and live our lives alongside each other.

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