Thursday, August 26, 2010


Have you ever pretended that you were in front of a camera as you were preparing a meal? Kind of narrating what you are doing, which step are you on and how delicious the food will taste? OOPS, Am I really the only one? Oh well.

I was making a sandwich for Jean's lunch today. Turkey and cheese. Very simple. Mayo, cheese, turkey and bread. I am narrating (to myself. I dont want her to think I am the rest of the way crazy).

I get to the part where I tell the audience, yeah right, that she likes her sandwiches cut in half. I take out the knife and proceed to cut through the bread and meat. I dont tell my "audience" that I am having a problem cutting the bread with our small bread knife. I certainly dont want my "TV fans" to know I am not an expert in every little aspect in food preperation.

I finally get the sammich sliced and put both parts in the baggie for transport to the fridge at her office. Not the freezer, which is another story and not about me. So why would I even share it if it isnt about me. As I tell my "audience" how to seal the bag and let them know it is important to wipe off the mayo from the knife, I slide the knife along a paper towel and turn it ever so slightly and cut my finger. Not a gash where blood squirts three feet. It is one of those that you look at your finger and wait........for the wound to appear.

The "wound" did appear and a little, tiny cut did, in fact, require a small bandaid. Here is my question...... Should I have demanded that the "camera man" turn off the camera at that point? Or continue to shoot the scene to help my "loyal audience" see how I handled the situation?

The trials us POTENTIAL superstars have to go through to be what we are.

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