Thursday, April 15, 2010


As many times as I have voted for John McCain, I still dont know what he has done for me. I know how bad his opponents have all been. I know he has more experience and integrity and grit than his opponents all have had. I know he is able to jump on the most opportune bandwagon going at the time. But I have never heard an original thought from him. As I make my plans to again vote for him in the next primary and election, here is what I would tell him and other politicians posing as public servants...

Senator, without mentioning your opponent's name, please tell me what you plan on doing for me. Senator, without referring to the current stand by your party, please tell me what you plan on doing for me. Senator Kyl, without telling me what you dont agree with, please tell me what you plan on doing to help make my life better. Congressman Mitchell, without being so nice of a guy, please make a stand. Senator Pierce, without making such a hard stand, please show me you can be a nice guy. Debate moderators, after you ask a candidate a question, if they mention their opponent's record, turn off their microphone as they have forfeited the responsibility of answering that question.

Jesus said He would do something and then did it. He would have made a terrible politician, but, oh, what an example of being a servant He was.

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