Monday, April 12, 2010


In One Particular Harbor, Jimmy Buffett laments about having too much..."I used to rule my world from a pay phone, ships out on the sea. Now times are tough, I got too much stuff. Can't explain the likes of me." Or something like that. Never could get a quote exactly right. (disclaimer: I know that is not the album cover for One Particular harbor. But it shows the pay phone).

I remember when one phone call on the only availiable type of phone, was made and details of our evening were set. I stood outside waiting for my friends to pick me up and we were out for the evening. I kept a quarter aside in case I had to call my dad to pick me up. Of course, he said never call him from a police station, call my mother instead. I heeded his warning until the calls from the station had become much more costly.

Now, there is tweeter, texxxing, emails, gmails, IMs, someone sent a picture of the outside of a friend's house to let them know they were outside waiting. I know I will never have a smart phone because I am just not smart enough for one.

All that "stuff" has only made relationships obsolete. There is no need for close relationships any more when you can brag abut having 200 friends on facebook. When I see someone, i cant ask them, eaten at any good restaurants lately because I already saw what they had yesterday taken on the droisy Iphone, thing-a-ma-zinger and posted on twister.

I am glad Jesus did not use texting. from martha, Laz is dead. From JC, Noprob, b there soon.

I am glad God is the same yesterday, today and forever.... insert smiley face here.

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