Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I recently read somewhere that the greatest burden we put on ourselves is to try to make it all about ourself. The pressure we put on ourselves when we make all the problems going on in the world about us. All the trials we are going through about us. All the wrong decisions others make about us. Just everything that we come in contact with being about us makes for too much pressure and puts us in an unsolveable dilemna.

No matter how we got into a circumstance, no matter who's "fault" it may have been, no matter how low we may feel we are, it is not about us.

When His friend, Lazarus was dying, Jesus pointed out that the circumstance was not about his illness or, ultimatelyy, his death, but it was for God's glory and that Jesus might be glorified. It was about God. Earlier, He was asked who's "fault" it was that a certain man was blind. Jesus said it was not about him or his parents. But it was to show how God would work in his life.

I find it much easier to be going through tough, uncertain times knowing it is not about me, but about how God will be with me as I go through them. It is also good knowing I am with someone who sees it the same way.

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