Monday, April 19, 2010


We were watching TV last night. We found ourselves switching channels. We are not Country Music fans. but we visited channel 5, CBS and the Country Music Awards show. Just then, Toby Keith began singing a beautiful song and it turned out to be a tribute to Wayman Tisdale who died almost a year ago after battling cancer. Earlier in the week end, we heard a song called Wayman's Smile, a recording by his friend and sax player Tom Braxton.

I am not one who believes God routes out every step I take each day. but i am glad "something" led me to turn the remote to that show at the very time Toby Keith began the song.

Not many "celebrity" deaths have made such an impression on me as the death of Wayman Tisdale. He was a fantastic basketball player, playing the last few years of his career with the Phoenix Suns. He was quite a jazz performer, brightening any room and stage with whoever he was playing. He was a force on stage and his love for God showed through every circumstance. I could never say we were friends, having only met him a couple of times. But I am glad God has continued to remind me of his death and has reminded me that we never know how much time we have and we need to be that light for every one we meet. If I can only do that for the people I meet each day.

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